Taste Tarkine Honey

Beekeepers producing premium honey sourced from the pristine Tarkine wilderness of Tasmania since 1955.

Credit: Rob Burnett

Taste honey harvested from deep within the Tarkine, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest.

One such proprietor is Blue Hills Honey - a family based operation, typical of those found throughout Tasmania.

Credit: Rob Burnett

What all started as a hobby over 60 years ago, the Charles Family business of aviaries and bees now hosts nearly 2000 hives and exports their honey to many countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, UK, Japan, Russia and Vietnam.

You may be able to taste Blue Hills Honey at many cafés around Tasmania.


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“Nicola and Robbie Charles of Blue Hills Honey harvest honey containing some of the highest antioxidants of any honey in the world. The journey from Leatherwood flower to honey pot begins with busy bees feeding on Leatherwood trees hidden deep within Tasmania’s pristine rainforests. The honey is then delivered from happy hives straight to the pot with no additives. The family have been making honey this way for more than 60 years. You can pick up your own pot of Blue Hills Honey from their roadside stall as you drive past the much loved apiary.” 

Video and above quote by Tourism Tasmania.

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