Tassie’s fantastic Breweries

Assorted Beers In A Flight

Want to enjoy some awesome, locally brewed craft beer, crisp, fruity ciders and super fine spirits? Then head to one of the popular Breweries in Tassie.

The major breweries, Boags in Launceston and Cascade in Hobart are a source of local pride and friendly rivalry. Pure mountain water and the finest local hops combine to create award winning lagers, ale, draught beers and boutique brews.

They both boast awesome visitor centres with huge rustic halls to eat, drink, shop and relax.

That’s not even mentioning the great range of microbreweries that are scattered throughout the state, offering many custom brews and flavours as well as the perfect accompaniment, hearty pub fare and a friendly atmosphere.

Head there for happy hour of a day and bump shoulders with the locals, whose motto is surely “the more the merrier”.


Get really into your beer tasting in Tassie. Talk in depth about full malt bills, the subtlety of standard amber ale and the balancing of hops against roasted malt flavours with the knowledgeable and passionate staff. You can even cook up your own recipes - Try adding in a hint of honey and be delighted with the results, it takes two weeks for the beers you brew up to be fully ready, but there are so many flavours and combinations to check out already.

It’s not only beer you can fall in love with as well, given Tasmania’s long standing reputation as the apple isle, it should be no surprise that some of the world’s best cider is made here too. You’ll find great cideries in the apple and pear growing heartland of the Huon Valley but also in the north west.

Whether you’re after something subtly spicy, a hint of floral sweetness, something clean and crisp or an earthy, malty draught, it’s all available in Tassie, these craft beer places and the two major breweries are must visits!

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