Platypus House

A Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) on surface of creek in daylight with eyes open.

Platypus House, located in the beautiful Tamar Valley is a wonderful attraction and a must see for animal lovers.

See the iconic Australian Platypus and spiky Echidnas up close and personal – a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these amazing creatures

Join us on an unforgettable fun and educational tour suitable for all ages and watch them actively feeding and playing as you wander through the platypus ponds and echidna garden.

Go on a guided tour of the platypus ponds and the echidna garden to see them frolicking and feeding in a natural setting. The interpretation centre explores the biology and behaviour of the creatures and is brilliantly educational.

The Tasmanian Platypus is particularly special, thousands of years of isolation have made them genetically discrete from even other Australian Platypuses.

Platypus House was established to advance public awareness and understanding about the magic of the monotremes, the family to which the Platypus and Echidna belong. It is an ideal educational visit for school, family and community groups.

It doesn’t matter whether the weather is wet and cold, the enclosures are undercover – the perfect trip for a rainy or gloomy day.

Enjoy a great coffee from our café overlooking the Tamar River or have fun browsing for a unique gift from the gift shop.

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