The Oldest Rainforest in the World

Tasmanian Rainforest

There are places where trails fade away through cool misty rainforest. They lead through lush undergrowth and soaring canopies. Glimpses of wildlife and all manner of birds can be seen and heard through the trees, echoing loudly over the faint but constant buzz of life. Hidden waterfalls and dramatic lookouts await those who tread these paths.

Tasmania contains Australia’s largest tracts of cool temperate rainforest, covering a huge 10% of the state. The rainforests of Tasmania are open and verdant, with a cathedral-like quality, silent, cool and damp where both the trunks of trees and the forest floor are covered in a luxuriant carpet of mosses and lichens. Brightly coloured fungi add spectacular vibrancy around this time of year in Autumn and early Winter in particular.

It’s a place both ancient and quiet, animals are reclusive but there’s much to see from 21 species of native birds to tree frogs, spotted tailed quolls, possums and long-tailed mice.

There are some fantastic ways to explore this mysterious wilderness. Hiking trails such as the highly recommended Creepy Crawly Trail in the Southwest National Park and the Franklin River Nature Trail in the Wild Rivers National Park.

There are excellent walks through the rainforest at Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair as well as Liffey Falls at the northern edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Forestry Tasmania also have interpretive walks to explore the cultural significance of the rainforest.

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore some of the most mysterious and fascinating natural spaces in Australia and experience the wonder of some of the worlds oldest rainforest.

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