Lake Barrington

Lake Barrinton and Mt Roland

Lake Barrington, located just 40 kilometres south of Devonport in the Forth Valley is a man-made Hydro dam. That’s around a 45 minute drive from Devonport.

It’s perhaps best known for its 2000 metre, eight-lane international standard rowing course that’s used for rowing, canoeing and water skiing competitions.

Hugging the lake’s shore is a Barrington State Recreation Area with tall eucalypt and lush rain forest which shelters a diversity of native wildlife.

In this recreation area you’ll find a large day visitor shelter with wood barbecues, picnic tables and stretches of lawn to relax on. There’s wheelchair access for the amenities and during the summer months there’s a kiosk that operates on weekends and during major sporting events.

Boat launching ramps lie on both sides of the lake and some great bushwalking trails around the edge of the lake to take advantage of too.

There’s no camping in the state recreation area but campsites can be found nearby at Kentish Park. So head to Devonport and take advantage of the calm surface of Lake Barrington, a world class facility for water skiing, power boating, canoeing kayaking or even model yachting.

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