Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Newdegate Cave interior, stalactites and guided tour, thermal springs nearby

Thinking outside the box about things to do in Tasmania may lead you to discover the wonder that is Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs.

Explore the fascinating caves, the largest tourist cave in Australia, and take a dip in the nearby thermal springs, it’s really two attractions in one.

Formed millions of years ago, the dolomite cave, actually called Newdegate Cave after Sir Francis Newdegate, the Governor of Tasmania from 1917-1920, are home to incredible formations stalactites, columns, shawls, and stalagmites. Take a guided tour into these spacious natural interiors and discover the amazing geology and natural history of this rare place.

The caves are also home to some strange and fascinating animals. Over forty species have been discovered in the cave, some of which remain undescribed and have evolved particularly for the environment of the caves.

The swimming pool is filled with amazing 28 degree thermal spring water and it’s the perfect place to enjoy some warm water swimming, surrounded by forest and under the open sky.

The swimming pool features essential facilities such as BBQs, toilets, change rooms and is also a great place for a picnic. Take a stroll through the rich woodland with well worn paths suited to wheelchair users.

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs are just one and a half hours drive south of Hobart through the beautiful Huon Valley.

Directions from the state government website:

Thirty kilometres south of Geeveston, and just after the Southport turnoff on the C636, take the Hastings Cave Road (C635). This is a well-maintained gravel road which will take you to the Visitor Centre and Thermal Pools. Newdegate Cave is just a few minutes (5km) further along the road. From the carpark, it is a five minute walk to the cave entrance.

For more information, visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service website here.


Image: By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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