Coastal Tasmania

Australian Fur seal

Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Sean Scott

From soaring sea cliffs, white sand beaches, storm-touched coastlines and world-class fresh food and wine.

Welcome to Tasmania’s best feature - its world renowned coastal regions.

Unique experiences can be found on any coast, from kayaking the ocean waves, to sitting on the pure white sand of a tranquil bay beach, interacting with the local wildlife and tasting the bounty of the sea.


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Video Credit: Tourism Tasmania


Wildlife and Animals

From whale watching, to meeting the friendly fur seals on a diving tour and even hiking along the hinterland to view the stunning plethora of sea birds - Tasmania is a wildlife paradise. The state’s unique landscapes create a series of sanctuaries.

Cape Hauy (part of the Three Capes Track)

Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Sean Scott

Hiking and Walking

Probably the most famous, The Three Capes Walking track on Tasmania’s east coast has become an iconic location for sweeping shots (see the video!) of the dramatic, volcanic cliffs. But the truth is Tasmania is surrounded by such locations. 

Discover untamed beaches, tidal rivers and a backdrop mountain ranges on the South Coast Track. Or to the North a lazy stroll along the fascinating and surreal hinterland of the Bay of Fires, the cobalt expanse will entrance.

Tasmania's (if not Australia's) most spectacular and adventurous day sea kayaking tour. Get up-close and personal with the southern hemisphere's highest sea cliffs and resident Australian fur seals.

Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Sean Scott at Tasman National Park

Water Borne Adventures

Picture kayaking across the glass-like surface of a stunning lake, the perfect reflection of the handsome mountain range before you only broken by the ripples of your wake. Or Take a trip along the Roaring Forties, pictured above.

Take in unforgettable coastal views

From the dramatic Nut at Stanley, standing stalwart against the rolling gulf, to the Edge of the World, a roiling and wild frontier, you’re not short on stunning coastal views and picture opportunities when exploring Coastal Tassie. 

Bay of Fires-15.jpg
By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Swim at secluded bays and one of the world’s best beaches

The Bay of Fires is a tranquil bay beach, known for it’s striking contrasting colours - the white sand, oxidised rocks and the cobalt expanse stretching out from the parabolic beach.

Food and Wine

The amazing selection on offer is a smorgasbord of delights. Ranging from stunning seafood experiences to rustic pub meals and some of the finest wine in Australia. What’s better than sampling seafood fresh from the boat, or nursing a handcrafted beer with a fireplace roaring in the winter time.

Roaring 40s Kayaking

Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Sean Scott at Tasman National Park

The coastal regions of Tasmania provide a plethora of experiences and are a source of inspiration for travellers from around the world. North, south, east and west coast have something on offer.

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