Circular Head

Circular Head is a beautiful and productive municipality of Tasmania located in the far north-west corner of the state mainland.
A visit to Circular Head means spectacular outlooks, incredible wilderness experiences, country hospitality and charm and enjoying some of the world’s cleanest air.
With a cool temperate climate and regular rainfall, especially during the winter months, the landscape is an incredible lush green. One of Australia’s largest wind farms, Woolnorth and the nation’s only Baseline Air Pollution Station at the dramatic Cape Grim.
While visiting, take advantage of the great dairy industry and enjoy some fantastic fresh and local dairy products. It’s not only Dairy that Circular Head is known for, many industries such as prime beef, commercial agriculture and fishing.

Image Credit: By Kmcinnes - Panorama made from a series of handheld photos taken by Ken McInnes.Previously published: Not previously published., CC BY-SA 3.0,




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