Tasmania is the gateway to Antarctica


Hobart is the natural gateway to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. It’s used as a launching point for Antarctic expeditions because of its southern location and it’s excellent port and airport facilities. Hobart is known for it’s world-class Antarctic expertise and experience.

As such, there are some fantastic expeditions you can embark upon out of Tasmania, but you can also experience the strange allure of the southern continent in Hobart itself.

Hobart’s deep water port is 1,390 nautical miles from the Antarctic mainland and 1,852 nautical miles from Australia’s Casey station.

In Hobart you’ll find a great a range of fantastic Antarctic attractions. A significant community of people who share a passion for the southern continent reside in Hobart and there’s much to discover.

You might like to visit the Islands to Ice at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. It’s a fascinating and permanent exhibition of Antarctic natural history, exploration and science and gives an insight into life on the ice.

You could also visit the sub-Antarctic Plant House at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. You’ll find a range of world-first plants in a  collection made from samples of the sub-Antarctic islands.  Be amazed as the chilly mists of sub-antarctic islands wrap around you as explore the custom climate controlled structure.

Explore the Polar Pathways a historical walking and driving tour allowing visitors to explore some of Hobart’s unique Antarctic and Southern Ocean sites and connections. Visit the life size bronze statues commemorating the exploits of the first Antarctic explorers or roll on into Hadley’s Hotel where Roald Amundsen stayed in 1912 after returning from the South Pole.

For the science-minded the Australian Antarctic Division has a fantastic visitor centre with a wealth of information about the scientific research and incredible logistical support involved in Australia’s Antarctic program.

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