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The 2016 National Heritage Festival and TasTalks at Home Hill

By at May 5, 2016 | 12:34 pm | 0 Comment

It’s nearly upon us, the 2016 National Heritage Festival has come around again. This year the theme is Discoveries and Rediscoveries. Once again the festival is going to focus on a range of fantastic experiences around Tasmania, but notably, the history and and stories behind iconic Devonport location Home Hill. Home Hill was the family home of Prime Minister

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Segway Tours in Hobart and Beyond

By at October 14, 2015 | 4:20 pm | 0 Comment

Segway Tours in Hobart and Beyond Segways. They'll never really be cool. Let's be honest, they don't exactly fit the same category as, say, a motorbike.  They don't come with leather jackets and you don't look a badass riding one, even with the trendiest of shades. They are, however, a marvel of modern technology and a fantastic way to explore Tasmania. In

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Mole Creek Karst National Park

By at August 13, 2015 | 4:17 pm | 0 Comment

Mole Creek National Park in Central Tasmania is where you’ll find some of the finest and most visited cave systems in the State. Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves are fantastic places to delve into the fascinating world of underground landscapes. Both of these caves are open to the public and are widely renowned.  But these aren’t the only two, there are

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