Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG)

Thylacines QVMAG

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, or QVMAG for short,  is a must-see attraction in Launceston. One of the largest museums and collections in Australia, filled to the brim with entrancing exhibits, enchanting displays and striking installations.

See railway workshops, million-year-old dinosaurs, death masks, planes soaring high above and artefacts from Australia’s oldest shipwreck the Sydney Cove. There’s also revealing stories from Tasmania’s past, highlighting the state’s social history, including the convict and bushranger era all interwound with the history of natural science.

The Phenomena Factory is a free interactive science centre providing brilliant, imagination provoking hands-on education for kids of all ages.

Overall, it’s an awesome place for kids with  fantastic storytelling, craft activities and games with a monthly theme for them to enjoy.


Discover the history of the remarkable and misunderstood Thylacine – The now extinct Tasmanian Tiger. The last known Thylacine died in the Hobart Zoo on 7 September 1936. Only eight weeks prior, the species had been given full legal protection by the Tasmanian Government.

Marvel at the wonder of the Southern Skies exhibit which takes a deep look at Astronomy in Tasmania.

There is a powerful and moving exhibition called Sacrifice and Shadows which explores the human response to the demands of war, specifically the Great War 1914-18.

Discover the faces of Launceston, Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography, Philip Kuruvita, who has been documenting Launceston via portraits of it’s people for over 20 years.

There’s also a range of world renowned international exhibitions on display that come and go, visit the QVMAG website for more information.

The QVMAG is located on two key Launceston sites: the 1870s era railway workshop at Inveresk; and the 1891 Royal Park Art Gallery building on Wellington Street.

The Art Gallery, a separate experience in and of itself offers an opportunity to engage with contemporary and historical art and design. Visit the website for more information about touring exhibitions and displays, but the art gallery itself is a must visit. You’ll find fantastic collections, from historical works once thought lost to modern interpretations. There’s also the ArtPlay interactive gallery space designed for joyful exploration of art and art making, featuring some cutting edge new art tech. It’s a far cry from the ‘don’t touch’ culture of traditional gallery and visitors are encouraged to interact and play. They like to say it harnesses the potential artist in us all, adult and child alike.

ArtSpark! ArtPlay

The ArtSparks! Family Art Space is the perfect place to bring the kids, they’ll get to let their imaginations go wild and create something fantastic to take home.

Stop for the lunch or coffee at the fantastic Railway Cafe at the museum or enjoy some high tea at The Tea Room at the art gallery. If you’re thinking of Christmas presents for loved ones, the Museum Shop and Gallery Shop have some great Tasmanian products including artworks, gifts, handcrafted jewellery, books, toys, souvenirs and more.

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