Fly Fishing in the North East

Fly Fishing in the North West bigstock-Hat-and-fly-fishing-gear-on-

You’ve probably seen fly fishing on TV. Either in a National Geographic documentary or in an American movie. But did you know that you can try your hand at this fine sport in Tasmania?

Just 20 kilometres inland from Burnie, in North West Tasmania there lies the Natone Hills Fly Fishery.

Well stocked with Rainbow Trout, the waters of the fishery are open year round and no license is required.


Be greeted by country hospitality – the tours, fishing expeditions and day trips around the fishery are very enjoyable not just because of the beautiful scenery and excitement of the fishing itself, but the locals are very welcoming.

Fly fishing is different to your average hook and line, rod and reel style. The lure is very light and actually floats atop the surface of the water. It involves a fair amount of skill and a deft flick of the wrist to send the super light  line curling across the river’s surface to land enticingly above the Rainbow Trout waiting below.

The more you flick the line the more real the ‘fly’ at the end of it will look.

It’s said to be one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. You wade out into the cool river waters or you can cast your line from the bank.


You could make a weekend of it, there’s even accommodation available at Natone Hills, an affordable B&B cottage with room for up to six guests in a self contained cottage. There are other great accommodation options in the nearby Burnie as well.

For a fishing getaway with a difference and a fantastic experience in the North West, think of Fly Fishing.

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